Bane NOR chooses Cervino Consulting

Cervino are pleased to announce that we have signed a 4 year contract with Bane NOR for project management of their InfraStatus project.

The goal of the InfraStatus project is to secure a platform that will give a correct status of the condition of the railway infrastructure in Norway and the economic needs for maintenance and renewal, by developing a yearly Network Condition Report (NCR).

This will also give Bane NOR a stable platform to build and optimize their maintenance and renewal plans. Cervino will lead the highly skilled project team from Bane NOR that will implement the system and processes needed to establish the NCR.

Supplier of the method and system are Optima Nexus AG.

Bane Nor loggo
About Bane NOR:

Norway on rails – Bane NOR’s job is to ensure that the national railway infrastructure is available for rail services. We have to supply efficient, user-friendly services, including the development of hubs and freight terminals.

At Bane NOR, we have to do everything in our power to meet the social aims defined for the railway sector, and we accept these major tasks with utmost respect.

We provide a railway that is already one of the safest, most punctual in Europe, and our aim is to be the best. The organization focuses on providing as much railway for the money as possible. Our ambition is to put Norway on rails, and openness, commitment and professionalism are the guiding principles for our work.


Bane NOR’s responsibilities

  • to plan and build new railway infrastructure
  • to manage, operate, maintain and renew the national rail network
  • to run the railway operationally, including traffic management and information at stations
  • to manage and develop both railway property and other property
  • to coordinate operational safety work, operational preparedness and operational crisis management


You can read more about Bane NOR here: