Cervino and EXSYN sign partner agreement

Cervino and EXSYN are delighted to announce to have signed a partner agreement concerning bilateral cooperation, software sales and pooling of resources for projects in the MRO-system and aviation market. Cervino’s long-time experience and strong background in providing consulting services in the MRO-market and EXSYN’s bespoke Aviation software solutions and in-depth knowledge of IT and aircraft maintenance provide a strong base for this partnership.

“We think that EXSYN’s IT solution platform is a brilliant tool to use in our projects and that we will get a lot of leverage in the AMOS and MRO-system market from this partnership”, says Cervino Managing Director Fredrik Ekstrand.

“With the partnership agreement we are truly EXploring SYNergies as Cervino’s approach to MRO-optimization and aviation adds value to our services and we believe that Cervino can help us to reach new markets for our products”, says Sander De Bree, CEO at EXSYN

The agreement is effective from Q2 2016 and covers sales of resources and software as well as mutual marketing campaigns and projects.


About Cervino:

Cervino is a IT & management consulting company focusing on the MRO-market within the aviation, train, marine and defence sectors.

For more information, please contact us via info@cervino.se or visit our web at www.cervino.se


About EXSYN:

EXSYN is an Amsterdam based IT Solutions Company for the aviation industry. EXSYN’ s solution platform focuses on data processing, data analytics, and data management. Different flag carriers, regional and low-cost carriers, as well as MRO’s use the solution platform for improving their efficiency, to safe valuable time and costs. It allows Airlines and MRO’s to truly unleash the value of data and digital technology.

For more information, please contact us via info@exsyn.com or visit us at www.exsyn.com