Anna Borg will join Cervino as senior consultant from the 1st of january.
Before joining Cervino, Anna worked for Horizon, of a British construction project (owned by Hitachi and with a mission to build four new nuclear power plants in the UK). Anna reported to the Assurance Manager and worked with safety management, safety reviews and audits.

Her Master in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology, has been complemented with studies in Business Administration at Stockholm school of Economics and self-education in psychology and organizational issues.

Her focus areas are safety management, business development, Human Factors/Human Performance/Safety culture and she has mainly gained her long experience within the energy sector but she has also worked with rail traffic.

Anna has almost 20 years of experience as a consultant and has a lot of knowledge and a great toolbox. She is certified as Change manager, Lead Quality Auditor and Future Strategist.

Over time she has managed a number of projects and among the most interesting you can find:

• Evaluation of the major nuclear projects (Vattenfall as client)
• What drives safety? (Research project for the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM)
• How to ensure that Swedish nuclear power is safe in 2024? (Strategy work for SSM)
• Will Swedish nuclear power be profitable in 2024? )
Strategy work for E.ON Nuclear Sweden)
• Building a nuclear power plant and an organization in parallel (Horizon Nuclear Power)
• Development of a methodology for validation of control rooms and operator interfaces
• Consequence analysis of a planned outsourcing (Oskarshamn nuclear power plant)
• Meta-analysis of safety culture (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management)

Before moving to England, Anna was president of Women in Nuclear, Sweden (the largest branch network with 400 members).
anna borg