We are proud to announce that Cervino Consulting joins the NORWEA family.

Cervino Consulting is an engineering, IT & management consulting company focusing on the MRO-market (maintenance, repair and operations) within the aviation, marine, energy and defence sectors. With offices in Stockholm, Göteborg and Oslo Cervino is a fast-growing organisation on the Northern European market with a global perspective.

Cervino is newly appointed agent for Opus 10 software suite from Systecon, that has been used actively for many years in the Norwegian defence sector. Cervino is expanding into the non-defence sector in Norway. The company has the tools and the know-how to radically reduce Lifecycle Costs of any high-value asset project as well as optimizing the spare parts organization and inventory in O&M heavy organisations. Combined, you can make projects reach break-even at much lower levels, ultimately making investments in projects more viable.

– Cervino Consulting wants to join NORWEA because Cervino, like NORWEA, we believe that lifecycle perspective on investments and effective maintenance are key components for a durable and environmentally friendly energy production. In order to reduce cost for renewables and have a competitive production, renewable energy must use the best knowledge of industries, says Fredrik Ekstrand, CEO of Cervino Consulting.

– We have experience from aviation, marine and defence, industries focusing on long-term investments and effective maintenance since may years. With that experience and the world leading Opus 10 software suit, we think we can make a difference with the help of members of NORWEA, continues Ekstrand.

NORWEA is proud to welcome an international company like Cervino in to our family.

– With Cervino on board, the NORWEA family is further strengthened in a field which is growing in importance as the industry matures; how do we cheaply and effectively operate and maintain the wind farms which are now being constructed at great pace, ensuring we maximise energy production and longevity of Norwegian wind power through cost-effective processes. We look forward to starting to work with Cervino, says Øyvind Isachsen, CEO of NORWEA.

For questions or comments, contact Jørgen Strømquist (jorgen.stromquist@cervino.no) or Øyvind Isachsen (isachsen@norwea.no).