Effective from january 1st, Cervino together with partners will, as sole supplier, support FMV with services connected to aviation, maintenance/MRO and Integrated Logistics Support. Cervino will for example deliver Integrated Logistics Support Services as a concept to any new JAS39 Gripen customers that engage in a Gripen purchase with Sweden in a Goverment to Goverment deal. Cervino will also support the Swedish Airforce with continous project support for their Maintenix-installation including upgrades, handling of new implementations, phase in of new aircraft fleets and application expertise. Maintenix is made by the Canadian vendor Mxi that in Q1 2017 will be bought by Swedish IFS Systems.

Example of services that Cervino will provide are:
-Project Management
-Data Migration
-Test Management
-Requirements analys
-Business Specialists

One agreement has a termination date in december 2022 i.e. 6 years and one in december 2023 i.e. 7 years, and both agreements together have and expected turnover of 60-120 MSEK over the contract period.

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