Efficient aircraft maintenance and fewer delays due to the transition to digital aircraft manuals

With the help of Cervino expertise, SAS aircraft manuals were digitally transformed into specially encapsulated portable devices which will result in saved time during maintenance and a more efficient work environment for aircraft technicians.

The transfer of the manuals to digital format involves significant time and cost benefits. Work that previously forced the aircraft technician to move to another location or use the network to reach the information required is now performed in a more efficient manner by giving access to all available information directly in the technician’s iPad. It becomes easier to access the necessary information and also easier to document the work carried out and keep the manual updated locally.

To ensure the secure use of portable devices in this particular work environment where oil may occur, we have also seen that the unit that handles the manual is correctly customized by encapsulation in a special durable hard plastic case.

Thanks to the expertise of our certified project managers with special expertise in the aviation industry our customer will be able to see results in terms of the time spent on maintenance of the aircraft, which will mean that aircraft will set off faster and delays can be reduced.

Through our unique breadth of expertise where we see the project from both the commercial, financial and practical angle, we also ensure that the project is run with the correct cost focus.