Digital transformation of Telia’s Customer Service

features at Telia’s website. Among other things, the project resulted in a completely reworked contact page and new guides with responsive technology.

Leaving the ordinary contact page with phone numbers and e-mail behind, Telia’s new contact page allows entrance into a fully fledged digital customer service tool in the form of a flow with advanced UX design that facilitates self-help. The tool also provides access to new user guides that are responsive and work on all devices.

As a result of the work, Telia is able to utilize tools to direct their customer service from telephone hotline to online customer service, a process that makes it easier for customers to help themselves and find and share the right information, largely thanks to the use of the new responsive guides.

Measurements have shown that customer satisfaction has increased among Telia customers after the launch of the new customer care system in late November 2014.