Cervino will 21st of march host an on-demand webinar about Spare Parts Optimization at Aircraft IT

Register on the link below and join Cervino for an overview of how spare parts forecasting against historic consumption deals with intermittent demand patterns. Forecasting spare parts in the maintenance industry is notoriously difficult due to the sporadic nature of demand. To know what spares to hold, where to hold them and in what quantity is crucial to operations since their unavailability can lead to excessive down time in costs. To identify maximum supply of spare parts at minimal costs Spare Parts Optimization System considers the demand uncertainty dimension and the trade-off between excessive inventory vs. unwarranted down time in costs when calculating replenishment parameters. One of the main features of SPOS is that it supports multi fleet and multi production bases by forecasting in a reversed order compared to the forecasting logic of many other MRO systems, locally according to your organizational base setup with global replenishment parameter summations.

Webinar Agenda:

–             Spare Parts Optimization System (SPOS) – System Overview

–             SPOS Case Study – Scandinavian Airlines

–             SPOS Software Demonstration

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Webinar session 1 start 08.00 CET and session 2 starts 16.00 CET.